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MyTube Widget 1.1

View YouTube content on your Dashboard


  • Loads of features to browse and search videos
  • View in widget or browser
  • Export to iTunes


  • Skips too quickly down video lists

Very good

MyTube makes all of YouTube accessible directly from a TV shaped widget on your Dashboard. We were impressed with the number of options to search and browse through videos, thanks to the drop down menus at the bottom of the interface. Look at the most recent, most downloaded or most played videos and search through specific categories.

Videos will appear in a list with a small preview screen. While we found that it generally skipped too fast, there was no slowing down when looking through videos. Another advantage of the MyTube widget is that you can open up videos in your browser or in the widget itself. We were positively surprised by the quality of playback in the widget. MyTube also include all the basic playback functions and you can export chosen videos straight to your iTunes, to then play on your iPod.

MyTube is an excellent widget to search, browse and view YouTube videos from your Dashboard.

YouTube makes a first class appearance in Dashboard, and it looks better than ever. MyTube puts all of YouTube's video content at your fingertips in an elegantly small yet surprisingly powerful widget. Browse all of YouTube's features, recents, favorites, top rated, most viewed, most discussed, most linked. Filter by date, by category, and by language. Search by subject or by channel. View your favorites and your own video collection - it's all here.

And the ease of finding the content is only the beginning, as MyTube provides the best possible viewing experience for all of your favorite videos. Videos appear within the adorable little TV set for casual viewing, or in a stunning fullscreen mode at any of 3 viewing sizes. The controls are effortless, allowing you to scrub through videos, play and pause, rewind, adjust volume, and more. All of these controls are available via keyboard shortcuts as well, to further streamline the viewing experience.

MyTube has full support for seamless export to iTunes, specially formatted to work perfectly on your iPod. With a single click a video will drop into the downloads queue, which will automatically format the video and import it into iTunes, giving it the appropriate title, creator, date, and description. The download feature is a bonus as my way of saying thanks to those who donate. Not to worry, though, a few trial downloads are built-in so you can experience how MyTube will change the way you consume youTube content. Oh, and you can unlock the bonus feature indefinitely with a donation of $1.99 or more. That's right, for the cost of a single iTunes music video you can bring all of youTube to iTunes and your iPod. I sincerely do appreciate the support; It helps make the care and effort I put into each widget worthwhile. (This one has been in development for over a year!) Thanks, and please enjoy!

MyTube Widget


MyTube Widget 1.1

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